Galactic Chase: Hyena Bomber

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

The Separatists have built a heavily armored bomber to assist their faction’s fleet battles. The Hyena Bomber is effective at protecting Vulture Droid allies and absorbing an incredible amount of fire power depending on how many Separatist and Droid allies are present but this droid controlled bomber is not just a tank. It can also launch salvos of Buzz Droids at the enemy to weaken their armor and provide allied Separatist ships powerful advantages. Learn more about this ship's new kit and earn shards of the Hyena Bomber in the upcoming Galactic Chase later this week!

Hyena Bomber blueprints will be available as bonus rewards on all Cantina nodes for a limited time! Head over to the Cantina holotable starting on November 1st and earn blueprints for this robust Separatist tank!

EDIT: Date changed to Nov 1st
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