General Anakin Skywalker [Lend Your Hero Code]



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    Ally Code: 927-975-698

    Cantina Battles Lead: General Skywalker
    Dark Side Battles Lead: Supreme Leader Kylo Ren (No Ultimate Yet)
    Light Side Battles Lead: Rey (With Ultimate)

    Edit: Full for now, if you're desperate feel free to message me
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  • Hi, I am a new player, returning after i dunno how long. The Star Wars feeling is still amazing.
    Could use some help: 639-893-127

    Thanks mates!
  • I’m at level 41 and I need allies to help me through the campaign. My ally code is 272-213-596.
  • hey all, new f2p acct here. would love any help i can get clearing nodes. my ally code is: 836-278-738. anything helps, thanks!
  • 662-645-718
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