Updates on Current Issues

Hello Holotable Heroes,

It’s been a busy week and wanted to reach out to give a few updates:
  1. We’re starting to finalize testing on the Starforge Showdown. The event has been tentatively rescheduled to run next week from 11/8 through 11/10. We’ll keep you updated if that date changes again.
  2. Chewbacca is currently bugged and doing more assists than he should be. We’ll be rolling out a fix for him next week.
  3. We had an omission from our most recent patch notes. We’ve changed when the roster lock occurs for both TW and GAC matchmaking. Previously, your roster did not have a snapshot of your collection taken until the moment matchmaking had begun. This resulted in some players rosters being updated after the moment matchmaking by the nature of the system going through and taking snapshots of everyone’s roster. Now, when you click the Join button your roster is snapped. For TW, if you exit, you are removed from matchmaking consideration. When you rejoin, your roster is snapped again at that moment. Apologies for the omission.

See you on the holotables.

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