Comprehensive List for HSTR

Is there a list somewhere of what teams and compositions work best in the specific phase?

I’ve found a few things here and reddit, but nothing that’s really updated and what I’m looking for. Something that shows the leader and what composition you can do for the team.


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    Oh man perfect. Thank you!
  • Waqui
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    Good list. Just a few additions:

    DR lead Sith Empire works well in phase 3 as well.
    Talzin lead, Assaj, Daka, zombie and JKA can solo all of phase 3.
  • TVF
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    DR lead SE also works in P4 if you miss the other phases.
    I need a new message here.
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    Where are people using Padme? I do not have 3PO yet, will get him next time he comes.

    I got just over 2.1 mil in P4 of T6 (we are about to start the Heroic tier since the guild just added a heavy hitting player). DS and DN were still around in the Phase.

    Team consisted of:
    zzPadme G10
    zJKA G13 R3
    zSnips G12
    zGMY G12 (strangely he got the least points)
    GK G11

    I’m thinking if I still have R2 around from the JTR team in P1, I’d use him in place of GMY. I also have QGJ G12 available, Mace, Plo, Lumi, CWC, and all the clones as replacements for GMY. Unfortunately, I never invested nor tried to get Barriss.

    What are your thoughts? Thanks!
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    One more to that list. I hit 5 mil on phase 3 with clone team Jedi Anakin lead and none zeta.
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