Bug in Territory Battle

There is an(other) real problem here. The bugs during some battles.
Sometimes it is not important. The game stops moving, it needs restart and we can try the mission another time.
Sometimes, it is very frustrating. For example during a Geonosian battle. A bug at that time means to restart the app, thus the battle is noted at 0/4.
It means a great deal of points for the whole guild.

We need to have at least one or two tries for each battle during guild events. Especially if it is due to the game stability..

Be indulgent for a non-english speaker and for my first message here ever.


  • You're English is great mate no need for indulgence :)

    This is a major problem. We've had a lot more freezes now the character requirements have been removed than before. And today we have the acklay battle, which CG just released a statement saying it's probably insurmountable without brood alpha. Which if I understand right is one of the characters that cause the problem. Cg are basically saying the only way to do the acklay mission is to use characters that are likely gonna break it. Yea!

    Not that they bothered telling anyone in game - just the minority who read everything last minute on the forums.
  • The problem is not only for the acklay or dooku..
    For this example, it was for my empire/sith team on another battle. Also on the south territory. I started the battle with Palpatine - Vader - Thrawn - Nihilus - Sion. Usually I get 3 or 4/4 in here, because they are all G12 with zeta. But no, after a few strike by Vader, the game froze..
    It often happens in this game.. too often..
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