Ugnaught and Tusken Raider.... GAME BREAKING NERF

Just kidding!!!

Just thought people needed a laugh for a change.......


  • Tryban
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    They'll be OP at some point I'm sure. Better to nerf them now than wait for that time to come.
    "That is why you fail."
  • I've got nothing to say, but i still want to shout! Look at me!
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  • Pilot wrote: »
    I've got nothing to say, but i still want to shout! Look at me!

    I'm very sorry Pilot for upsetting you with my attention seeking. I'll be mindful of your presence in future posts. It's terrible being insecure as I am, I spend many nights sad and alone and this forum is my ego. When it ends one day, I may jump off a bridge or slit my wrists....

    For other forum members : Pilot does not tolerate jokes and fun, he only accepts serious posts only so be mindful when he is in your conversation and show him respect.
  • Loce
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    Lol. I was hoping for something from those toons. I have Ur'or to 4 stars and almost full gear and never use him.
  • I can't believe ugnaught tooked down my entire sith team in 1 turn! MY POOR SID ! !! Ugnaught's aoe is OP!. Offense up, expose, stun and ability block! SMH. What were the devs thinking NERF HIM he is BUGGED AAAA! !!!!!1!@!!
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