Mod loadouts not saving properly during player lock in GAC and TW

Mod loadouts have not been saving properly. This has happened to me I GAC and TW. I leave my loadouts in during the player lock, then the client restarts and random loadouts are locked into the event.

Here are my mods left untouched during the player lockgbjls85mfqv9.jpg

Now here they are in the event!j4xirkv4re00.jpg

This has happened in the last TW, and now this GAC. I am super meticulous about my mod sets so I know I set them before the lock. This is extremely frustrating , because I prepare just for these competitive events (favorite part of the game) and now I'm completely screwed during these events! Please help with this, anybody else having this issue?

One thing I noticed was that my client restarts after the "player lock" phase.


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