Jedi council rework with the TBLS ?

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CG have announced months ago jedi from the galactic republic to have a rework. I really hope that those rework will drop with the TBLS because just after the TBLS, clone wars era is done and they will work on rise of skywalker movie. We really need windu, fisto koth rework. I hope they will drop really soon.....
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    When did they announce a Galactic Republic rework a month ago?

    It’s all speculation
  • Sorry months ago. I check back trying to find where they give a tips for this. I think it was between march and june when they talk about news for territory battle incoming. They said something like : think about fisto, eeth koth .... so they announced at this moment that there will be a rework for them. I still try to find where they said that...
  • They mentioned several times that we'd get Jedi reworks, and even specifically that most or all of the less useful GR jedi would get reworks or touch-ups. Probably coming with LS later this month. Now would be a good time saving up zetas, I imagine there will be a couple worthwhile ones.
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