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So I'm not exactly a new player, but am still feeling like a noob in this game, so here's my issue...

I'm at max level and trying to get more competitive in Galaxy of Heroes, but I feel like I'm very inefficient at building effective squads. I have put together several decent squads (MT-led Nightsisters, Krennic-led Imp Troopers w/ DT, Clones, etc. mosty thanks to lucky Chromium Pack drafts) and been able to upgrade them to a passable effectiveness in most PvE modes. But it seems excruciatingly difficult to get them suitably decked out for things like Territory War, Raids, or Arenas. Between the Levels, Stars, Gear, Abilities, and Mods, it takes me at least a few weeks and a large amount of resource debt to get even one or two characters to an impressive power, yet still un-maxed. And I've abandoned even trying to level up most of the new characters I unlock now, which is closing me off to many of the other possible factions such as Bounty Hunters, Droids, and Old Republic.(Don't even ask me about Ships, i'm aware they're linked to the power of their crew, so they are doing terribly in fleet arena and the general fleet battles). This wouldn't bother me except that I'm aware the game is always coming out with new meta squads/heroes, and I fear the more I work towards the wrong thing the more likely it is my maxed squads will suddenly become obsolete. I've played this game regularly for a little over a year and my GP is a little below 900k, yet it feels very diluted, since during my first months of play I was optimistic about getting to fight with whatever team I wished, so I wasted a lot of early resources on characters I almost never pick now.

Is there a way for me to better focus my energy and resources? For example should I work on gear/levels for now while not worrying about Stars/Mods yet, or some other combination? Should I be focused on unlocking and maxing out a key 5 players for one particular squad while totally ignoring all else, only coming back to others much later? Is there a specific level of guilds that would not be "carrying" me but still be able to help me accumulate resources better (most of what I see is guilds that are either extremely competitive with high standards for GP and activity or constantly hemorrhaging players to the former)
And the dreaded question: Am I doomed to having to P2W a lot more for resources if I want to be more competitive?
Thank you!


  • Liath
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    You generally want to focus on one thing at a time, and chromium packs are not the way to do that. In order for them to be effective you have to buy a ton of them -- otherwise you're just unlocking characters that will then flounder at 3* or whatever because you aren't getting more shards of them. Typically you want to select an order in which to get the special event characters (legendaries, journeys, eventually epic confrontations), and that should be your focus. I have no idea whether you have any of these yet since you haven't mentioned them. There are a lot of new player guides out there that discuss the best order in which to do this. You can eventually make up for lack of focus without paying but it's going to take time.

    As for guilds, just try to get into the best guild you can and don't worry about whether they're carrying you or not.
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