Best Heal / Tank / DD and Support

Hi, my Name is Michael i am at Nr. 67 in the Arena and have 50 Chars. So what you think are good Charakters?

I have the Wookie and Han they ok, but i have read that at the Endgame the Wookie are not so good, because he have less live? Han fells not better, both at Lvl III Gear and 30+ Lvl

The other Tanks, are not really Tanks in my Eys. I can help my Group with def Buffs but only the Han and the Wookie can really Tank ore look i something wrong?

The Starter Jedi is really nice, only Barrice Offee ist better. She is soooo good, i love her. Best Heal atm in my Eyes. Daka i have an the same Equip like Barriss Offee but she heal not so much. Ok she have other Spells to weak up the death, but i think BO are better.

The Rest are more off Healers, which Good in special Situations, but for the Arena ...

Darth Maul and Count Dooku i love both, but same here, show in the others Postings, they say to less live in Endgame. Qui Gon Jinn is Good , and i love the Resistance fighter, but theRest.. i Have IG88 at itemlvl III and Lvl 30+, dont see so good damage, so i dont no, here is my biggest Problem. I found no Good DD ore i Play wrong.

many Charakters have good Support, and when you have the righ Char at the right Time Everything are fine but in the Arena i need more Allrounder. Here i find good, Poogle and Cad Bane, Tarkin i think too when he is Lvl 4 Eq.

So but my Problem is, i dont know which chars are in the Endgame good. So when i now lvling the wrong Char, i have a Prroblem at the Endgame. So my Question, which Chars you like and which chars you lvling and why.

Its easyer to Say which Charaklters i dont have, so here my List:

Darth Vader
Luminara Unduli
Hoth Rebell
Darth Sidious
Aayla Secura
Luke Skywalker
CT 5555
Eth Koth
Lando Calrissian
General Veers
Boba Fett
Hoth Rebell Scout
Sturmtrooper first ..
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  • Between Maul and Dooku, I gotta go Dooku. He has 100% counter so if you wanna use an AoE on the team, he'll hit you. You wanna try to kill him by aiming just at him, he'll hit them all back for decent damage. His lightning is useful when it gets the stun in a tight battle too. Maul can deal really good damage when he's fully levelled and gear, but no other effects on his moves don't make him as useful in different scenarios as Dooku. BO is a quality healer, but I like to use her and the Jedi, as her heal is affected by everyone's % health if I'm right? So if you heal with Jedi first, then she'll most likely get everyone back to full HP. Support I mix up, but I like Kit Fisto and Cad Bane as they deal decent damage, with bonus attack chance and Cadd has his stun. Kit Fisto can also counter too. So mix him with Dooku they **** people off xD
  • I am Nr 1 with this Combo:

    Obi Wan , Qui Gon, Barris, Cad Bane, Dooku

    It was hart to win in the time with 2 heals, so i have take jedi out and qui gon in, than i win.

    My Opponent played

    jedi, barris, obi wan, mace windu, and Aayla Secura,
    Mein YouTube Channel mit Star Wars Heros Videos
    Teekanne - German
  • I use a level 38 4 star Chewbacca and I think he's an awesome tank. Once you get his heal, it makes things easier. I typically heal myself for 2400 health which is huge after using taunt and it saves me from using the consular's heal.
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