Republic Offensive: Reek & Nexu Encounters

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

With the new Territory Battle, Republic Offensive, we’ve been able to include the final two execution beasts that were first seen in the arena in Attack of the Clones: the Reek and the Nexu.

The Reek is encountered in the arena itself in the third phase of the Territory Battle. Your team of Clone Troopers, lead by Jedi Master Shaak Ti, must face off against both the Reek and the bounty hunter who was the template for the clones: Jango Fett. The Reek itself has a new mechanic, Trample, which makes anyone subjected to it vulnerable to extra damage for a short while. This includes Jango Fett, who can only be defeated while he has the Trample condition. You’ll need to defeat Jango before you can take down the Reek, so plan your attacks carefully. Players who triumph over Jango and the Reek will find they have earned a Ki-Adi-Mundi shard for their Guild as a reward, so make sure your squad is up to the task.

And then there is the Nexu. In all the chaos of the engagement, the Nexu of the arena has escaped and is found in the canyons in the last phase of the Territory Battle. Seen in the final encounter in one of the combat missions in the bottom territory, the Nexu is a ravenous foe who ignores Protection and inflicts Bleed! This new debuff slows your units and causes Percent Health damage each turn. Pulling out a win against the Nexu is no easy feat, you'll want to review the new mechanics, plan your strategy carefully and finally, snatch victory from the razor-sharp, toothy jaws of defeat!
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