Journey Guide: Event Cadence Changes

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today I want to cover what’s changing with events. Specifically, scheduled Legendary, Journey, and Epic Confrontation events (going forward these are the events referred to when “events” are mentioned). These events are often the key to unlocking some of the most iconic and powerful units in Galaxy of Heroes, but by their very nature they are some of the toughest to understand. When will the event return? Which units are required? How strong should they be? Without exploring some of the (awesome) community resources, you may not only have a hard time answering these questions, but might not even know that you have questions.

We want to begin to tackle improvements to the player experience by changing the event cadence we laid out a while ago. Events currently live on a set schedule until the end of time and increasingly compete with other events as we add more events to the game. Going forward, we plan to make events permanently available via the Journey Guide after they have run as scheduled events for one year. This ensures that over time everyone has equal agency to unlock all units, while giving the newest and most exciting content ample room to shine on the calendar. It has the secondary benefit of increasing agency for new players as they try to play catch up.

As we have added more content to the cantina with ever-increasing difficulty, new players have faced an increasingly insurmountable obstacle to join the core player base. Hopefully this change to event lifecycles means that newcomers to Galaxy of Heroes can find a path to their favorite Star Wars characters and discover what the holotables have to offer - reinforcing and bolstering the population of the game over time. Opening the gates on older content lets us focus on the latest and greatest content we have to offer while increasing the likelihood that everyone can enjoy those hard-crafted experiences in a reasonable amount of time.

Going forward, we want you to increasingly play and unlock content at your pace. We hope that when paired with the other changes we are introducing, event life cycles will make the Cantina welcoming to more fans of Star Wars - allowing us to explore even more opportunities to refresh Galaxy of Heroes in the future.
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