New old player needing help


Just came back from along break. think more then a year. Should i delete and restart? if not, what heroes should i try to get or make better?


  • Depends a lot on how competitive a player you are. Your shard mates in arena are going to be well ahead of you but if finishing top 200 or better is not a major driver for you than picking up is certainly an option. Otherwise for somebody playing daily getting to level 55 would not take long. Few weeks or so I would guess.

    Whether you restart or continue really will make no difference in what characters to go for. Going for Phoenix is a solid choice. As they can used in events calling for Phoenix or Rebels they have a lot of utility. And this gives you a team that can get you Thrawn and Palpatine who can form the base of a good Empire team. Two of the Phoenix are Jedi which gets you started on the way to get Yoda who along with Bastila and Jolee make an excellent Jedi team. And can transition nicely to a Revan team if you go that route.

    Also put some thought in farming Geonosians early. Once you can get to Brood Alpha the Geos are a good team. Who down the line could get you to Padme who is very good. And the Geos also make a solid fleet for that portion of the game.
  • Waqui
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    Since you are at a very early stage, I would recommend, that you restart. Before you do, you could check out an updated new player (farming) guide, to have a good start on your new account.
  • Gifafi
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    start over ainec
  • Jarvind
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    Start over. You'll reach where you are now in like, a few days, without the detriment of being forever handicapped in squad arena.

  • keep in mind with the upcoming hyperdrive bundle that you can either spend on that pack and get ahead of where you can get to normally. That is if you're willing to spend of course.
  • It’s all about why you play, is it for competitive arenas or for fun and to do what you want to collect the characters you like.

    Everyone plays for their own reasons.
  • I'd start over if I were in your position. None of the toons on your roster are special event characters so they're all easily replaceable/farmable. Also, some of those toons you leveled up aren't particularly useful so you could start over and be more strategic.
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