Join Tython (220M+), 30* DS Geo TB, 45+ Wat shards, 13-14* LS Geo TB, 90%+ TW wins.

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We’ll keep this simple. We win much more than guilds in our peer group and have fun doing it. This is a high-level, competitive and collaborative guild with a premium placed on camaraderie. Is that what you are looking for? Then join us today if the specs below fit your gaming:

You: 4.2M minimum with Geos, Sep Droids, Dooku, AV, Malak farmed. GAS Ready. 600 tickets daily.
Us: HSTR at 4 pm EST. TW and TB -- mandatory. Regular modding -- Mandatory. Fun -- HIghly Encouraged! :wink:
We strike the right chord between competitive and fun play. You’ll game with people you like and reap the benefits of the squads you have built. Do you want to know more? Feel free to DM me or hit us up in Discord by going to: and make sure to tell them that you are looking for Tython. Even if we’re not the exact right play for you, we can still help steer you to a guild that will be exactly what you are looking for. We look forward to meeting you!

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