Ally Code Sharing [December 2019]



  • whysomad
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    Hey everyone, looking to fill up my ally list and learn more about the game. Feel free to add me no matter the level (if you need to finish the add 3 allies challenge I can help as I am quite active). Would love high levels to add me too!

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  • 127265451 I am a level 56 player I am looking for strong people who can lend their characters to me thank you! :)
  • Looking to fill out last few missions.
    Ally code: 333-383-431
  • 836-337-771
    Have one friend currently! Looking to get much much deeper. I have a discord! Also looking to get into a more serious guild.
    Fairly new player. Rank 49. Just started to pick the game up again after a few years away!
  • Grape_Jello
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    Hello, newbie player looking for allies. Active daily, but not much else to offer.
    Ally Code: 691-224-465
  • how does this even work?
  • I have a pretty good amount of toons for use just dont know how this works.
  • I can lend my toons if you need my code is 358-328-545. Been playing a while so should have alot of usable toons
  • Yo all, looking for some strong allies (75+ lvl), I am currently at level 73. I can also support lower level players. My code is: 763-364-727 Thanks all for requests :)
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