Contact Protocol (C3P0)

Are my ewoks strong enough for this tier? Its the last one to unlock C3PO and I keep getting wiped out...
What is the proper way? Every guide I've seen says Wicket instead of Scout, but my Wicket is only 4 stars. Logray, Chirpa, and Paploo are all zetad and all 5 of them are maxed abilities.
Any help is appreciated....


  • Lio
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    There is a separate part of these forums that have threads related to the C3PO event. Most of them have examples of teams that people used to complete the event.

    I did it with all my ewoks G11 and a zeta on Chirpa. I had to be creative with my mods and I finally cleared the last tier after several attempts. Having the extra zetas might help. I think you may need to gear your ewoks a bit more, especially if you're going to use Scount instead of Wicket (I know several people who did it with Scout so it is doable)
  • It’s very RNG dependent. Just keep trying and you’ll get it. You will need Wicket for the last two stages. His stealth protects Elder.

  • Jbnf
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    I did it with your same roster, @TigerSpirit1917 but I had a G12 Elder and G11 on everyone else. Don't remember which zetas besides Chirpa. I would strongly recommend gearing up your toons a little more, especially Paploo since he's only G9, and Scout since he's your main dmg.

    Edit: didn't read you were only going for T5, rather than T7. Yes, that is sufficient for T5, as long as you make sure they're decently modded. The faster/more durable they are, the better.
  • I did it with scout. No wicket.
  • If you aren't getting 5 stars with that, it's possible your issue is with mods, you want them all over 200 speed at the very least would be my advice, I think I aimed for 220-230+ for t7, but that was with wicket, so it may balance out.
  • My speeds range from 128 on Logray to 179 on Scout. I know it's not really great but I'm unlucky getting moss with speed, so I try to make up for it with defense and offence.
  • Try and change your mods over from other characters to improve them. If you've done that already, my honest advice would be mods are more of a priority than legendaries at that point.
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