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(Probably belongs in off topic)

I think S1 is going to end with Baby Yoda dying or getting killed. (Imperial guy?)

Then S2 is going to be Mando going off on a rampage resulting in him getting revenge.
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  • So the Star Wars version of John Wick?
  • Congratz, you copied the plot of every Ubisoft game.
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  • Yeah, cuz Disney doesnt want to sell baby Yod toys after this year, even though theyve barely started.
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    Yes, this does seem to be completely off topic...

    Things that can be almost guaranteed about the show:
    - the celebrity cameos will end at some point
    - baby yoda will not die

    As the story plays out he may "die" in some convoluted way where everyone thinks hes dead, only to be revealed later he was just captured, and a whole season related to finding him.
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    Congratz, you copied the plot of every Ubisoft game.

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