Counter to Poggle/Droids

Hi Gang!

Keen on your experience vs what seems to have been a popular lineup for a while now - Sid leader, ig86, ig88 and poggle + one other (often dooku if 6* or above, sometimes lumi). Have run into a few hk leaders with the same and just as nasty, if not more.

I've run into this combo quite a lot lately and frankly it's a bit tricky to take down and the main issue for me is poggle. Poggle increases the droids speed and offense across the board, and my best chance has been to stun him early with dooku before he gets it in. He's faster than almost all other chars and the igs take down most stuff on their own after.

The best counter I have right now is to use almost the exact same lineup. Any other thoughts?


  • Cythis
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    A QGJ speed team destroys this version. Focus Pog, then Obi does his thing and both IGs drop pretty fast. Save Sid and HK/ Dooku for last.
  • Ser_Phoenix
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    Also Dathcha.
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    Going to try what you're suggesting @Cythis ! Don't really see alot of Jedi speed teams and have always wanted to give it a go. I feel like it could be decent, even with some of the recent buffs to Sid and Maul. What's the combo that most use? I was looking at QG, Ben, Kit, Lum, Jedi Couns. Have a 6* Aayla as well but have not geared her up properly.

    Datcha is another great suggestion - I never fully geared him and he's been sitting at six stars with low abilities. Really to become more focused :)
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    QGJ, Obi, Lumi, Leia, and Maul/Ayala depending my mood. Ayala preferable cause she and QGJ can proc Leia.

    I like it cause with the last 1-2 spots being pretty wide open it gives my team so many different synergy options.
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