Just hit lvl 60 cap and doen't feel great

Now every time you use energy, nothing mives. Meter says "Max". If they ever lift the cap, you feel like wasting energy each SIM. No hope to get better than computer Dark Side 6 (they start at 66 and 5 per level), gear is maxed out and also with cap no hope to ever get gear VII (many slots require +60 level) and thus obviously VIII. On top, you realize that Arena Shipments will slow down pretty soon as the rest catches up. Today I played the most wicked GW and had to face at least 8 lvl 60 max gear teams, at the end 5 in a row. Using Crystals feels like waste as energy will not accumulate, no level promotion means no free energy, and you only miss gear that is extremely hard to get. I did a refill of 120 and was looking for the MK7 comouter, and got one in all 14 tries. And you need 20 to fill one of the many 20 parts components. Challenges (except mats) become boring like you want to put fast foward (good thing is you can win most with autoplay). .Then you get gear of little use. Your only hope is burning for Shards and hope to not feel completely stalled. But it is one day of this, and it doesn't feel great. No more upgrades for your chars except through stars...

When you reach 60, you get no reward, bonus, unique anything. You just stall. You'll get there but don't rush. There's not much here or do. Good luck.


  • You are not a collector of the different characters? I think that is what I would be trying for once I got to that cap.
  • Yes, I mentioned shard farming as sole refuge. But GW now so hard, Arena will be hyper crowded soon...and with Cantina energy nerf, new chars will be slow as a snail.
  • Preemo you are right beeing level 60 is à big la ko fait énergy on uograde level and lack of Many bonus .
    And it' right s full level 60 full gears is big able to win level 6.
    And finally we can't stuff more our players ..
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    Well I'm almost to where you are. Still have 2 characters need to get in gear 7 then my main 12 ( LS form, DS form, and PvP form ) will be complete. Course I haven't even started hard dark 6 yet.

    But I'm not stopping there. I will continue to farm shards, and gear others for when other characters come, I'm sure different strats will come ( as with the ones just added ) and will need different character for full potential of them strats.

    Even at 60 and your main character done, still plenty to do.

    What if they add jabba who gives a huge ability to bounty hunters ( I know not listed as that in game ). You'll be very happy if greedo, boba, ig-88 are done and ready to roll with the new strategy. As you'll have a head start on everyone that didn't bother to keep farming other characters and the gear needed.
  • The levels look all the same graphically so why they don't have 100 to me is puzzling. I think they're trying to level the playing field to allow release players to catch up with soft launch players so they don't hold an advantage forever, which would happen since they had over a month's head start....
  • I think the problem (not really a problem), is that many players like me speed rush to max level cap and complains about reaching max level.

    The idea is to enjoy the game.. Also, when ur so ahead in levels, u get a real gaming advantage early in game over all the other players.. So shouldn't complain about players eventually catching up to u.. I have enjoyed and got tons of advantages by being so advanced In levels.. Like PvP #1 rewards for 3 weeks in a row.. Eventually I will have to share pole position, it is what it is

    Plus, competition is always fun and make it more challenging for those I'm so bored days

    Level cap should come in 2 months I would assume.. After a full 3 months of world release. Which would be quite fast compared to other games such as OaC, WoW, Celtic Heroes, and many other games.

    There are many daily tasks and objectives.. I think they should give more daily activities rewards to stretch each playing days .

    Like some other players mentioned, I'm also adding stronger players to my collection, by either levelling up those I have, collecting shards, etc.. I have atm 24 level 60 heroes.. And looking to add some more to level 60 for A: galactic war, B: having more options if they do adjusts more heroes in near future and C: trying to come up with a different team setup than most players.. Was getting redundant in PvP and sometimes in GW always fighting the same line ups and always hitting the healer first, etc... Zzzzz rinse and repeat.

    I'm also farming gear materials for when my maxed heroes reaches level 61-65.. Won't have to waste time farming for them.. As far as "useless" materials for my maxed heroes, I'm using those to gear up my weaker heroes.. So no wasting.. And u never know.. Maybe at level 70, they might require 60 times a stupid level 1 material.. Being a hoarder sometimes can pay off down the road

    So, in meantime, what about trying to rank Kylo and Phasma higher? I know I will

    I was bored yesterday, so I was trying to make an Ewok team.. Might be surprisingly strong at higher levels with decent hero surroundings
  • I gotta agree. For the first time yesterday I really had no motivation to log on. So I didn't. Not a good sign less than a month after release. I'll still log on here and there but without content there really isn't a reason too. Ive got all the toons I deem playable in epic tier and maxed skills. Maybe soon the big update will come.
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    i hate to say bring in other games, as SWGOH should be appraised on its own...but as a longtime player of summoners war, power creep at end game can be in the form of customizable gears. in summoners war, every character had its own stat progression and skill progression...however as all players max out their characters, the only way to gain an edge on everyone else is to affix runes, which have all randomized stats. this way, players can all use the same characters, but customize them to build a speed team, min max debuffs, etc.

    i've stopped playing most TCG/RPG games that don't have an end game stat customizable system since eventually, everyone has EXACTLY the same setups. all stats are exactly the same across the board and it comes down to RNG to dictate how a battle goes.

    of course, utilizing this system should have abysmal drop rates so that the longevity of the game can be extended.
    mighty chlorians
  • The biggest issue I'm having stems from Galactic War. The last 3-4 teams I'm fighting are normally stronger. We are both level 60. The other teams, many of them have several 6 or 7* people to defeat. Last night was first time I've cleared the board in 4-5 days.
  • I'm currently level 51. I still have many characters I need to increase. I'll reach 60 before most of the characters I have. I can see plenty to way into next year. The mission require different characters to complete. My main squad for PVP doesn't work for every match. Unless your telling me you have every character at level 60 with maxed gear then I would understand. You can't say well, I'm level 60 with five characters maxed and I have nothing to do, lol.
  • I side with WhipiT here. Content is king, and the game makes very little use of mission that requires races or sides mixes. Also, rewards when you are maxed out is just the proposition of expanding characters, while everyone catches up to you. It may be good to ewualize everyone, but everyone will be the same, and anyone will be able to copy your unique strategy the first moment they see your team setup in Arena. Your advantage may only last the 5 mins for enemy to see your game plan. One fight.
  • Aaron Nemoyten, a producer at CG answered this a couple days ago. They are working hard at creating new content. It isn't ready at the moment. They can't increase the level cap until the new stuff is ready to be released. I'm very frustrated too. I guess we all need to be a little more patient.
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    Patience is a virtue.

    That being said, everyone plz understand that they cant/wont EVER please everyone. Just roll with it :)

    If the direction they wanna go is letting newer players catch up then so be it. Newer players will like it, veterans wont.
    High lvl content coming.......cool
    Veteran players will like it. Newer players wont

    It is what it is an no one will ever be full satisfied so just roll with it an work on what u can till something nee comes along :)
  • Also don't forget about the event table. Yeah I know its worthless right now but I don't think that's the way the ment for that table to be. I expect a huge overall on it.

    But I will say this. If you are already board, then maybe this game isn't for you. Not being a **** here as no game is for everyone. But if this game isn't for you, better you learn it now and move to a game you enjoy before you put to much time in this one and stay only because what you have invested here, and not enjoy it.

    Me personally? I have enough to keep me busy in this game for next couple months at least, without any update. As I want to get all characters unlocked, all to atleast 5*, and all gear 7 so I'm ready for either buffs, or nerfs to characters, or completely different stratigies because of new characters/abilities
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    Abyss wrote: »
    Patience is a virtue.

    That being said, everyone plz understand that they cant/wont EVER please everyone. Just roll with it :)

    If the direction they wanna go is letting newer players catch up then so be it. Newer players will like it, veterans wont.
    High lvl content coming.......cool
    Veteran players will like it. Newer players wont

    It is what it is an no one will ever be full satisfied so just roll with it an work on what u can till something nee comes along :)

    My point is about the consequences. Any new player will be old player in one or two months, if not less. If you don't please old players, your player and revenue base gets crushed. And the game stalls.

    The only place that a new player may be disadvantaged is Arena. In NO other place does it make a player better of to cap older players. So the solution so that the game can be a blockbuster is catering to both. If Arena is the problem, organize Arena according to max level of player. Or any other variant according to gear color or average char stars. Profit.

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    I'm absolutely positive that updates are already waiting to be rolled out.

    One thing that they do need to do is allow lvl 60 players to stack a capped limit of xp for when the updates come. That way their most loyal players don't flee for other games because they feel like they are wasting time here. I played Star Wars Galaxies online for years. Sony repeatedly ignored the community, and if your familiar with that game at all, you saw how that worked out.

    And I have a feeling that this game will get a strong stream of new players for a long time. That would solve any problems with new players being disadvantaged in the arena.

    This is an individual game in all aspects. Even in the arena we face an individuals team that put a lot of thought into exactly how that team is supposed to be used, only to have the AI completely mess it up lol. I don't see a problem with EA pleasing most players most of the time as long as the content is there. For me...content is king. Stagnation will kill a game as fast as anything will.
  • Let's be honest, anyone level capped right now from global release spent a bunch of money on crystals to rush missions for xp.

    I'm lvl 58 and I refresh energy up to the 400 crystal recharge every day. People who are level capped are NOT the average player.

    We will be at 60 for probably at least another month. You will not be able to maintain #1 spot by simple virtue of outleveling everyone else.

    Deal with it.
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    Lol those paying players are who EA want to keep happy :o
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