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Hey guys,

Im currently running 5*jc, 5* ashoka, 5* luminara, 5* ventress and 4* dooku at lvl 53.

I really want to bring phasma into the equasion, especially when i am able to unlock kylo ren in the hopefully not so distant future.

Now... Seeing that pasma competes for shards with luminara, and luminara seriously kicks butt im having a hard time deciding if i want to switch to phasma or first get lumi to 6 or 7* which might take some time though...

Any input here is appreciated


  • Cmoooon guys.
    No input?
  • Ashoka isn't that strong, I would switch her out if you have a better choice.

    Max characters before moving on. My 6* Luminara is my best hero followed by 5* Sidious.
  • I would wait to get luminara to 6 stars before getting phasma, if you get her before then you will have a weaker luminara along with a weaker phasma if you add her to the mix before she is at least 5 or 6 stars. Get luminara and you at least have a really strong healer to compensate for any other potential weaknesses that go with other characters that are not at least 6 stars. Adding phasma then will work out better.

    Though I don't use her I have taken some big hits from high stared ahsoka and gotten good results from borrowing her at 6 stars. I think she is weak below that but shines once you get her to six stars with all the other bells and whistles upgraded. Personally once you eventually get phasma, out of those mentioned I'd replace ventress with her.
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  • Agree with Nicks075. Focus on Lumi - she is a huge asset in every game mode. Can't go wrong by getting her stronger. Assaj is too slow to be useful outside of a night sister team. Definitely swap her out at some point. You'll want to replace Dooku eventually also, though it doesn't hurt to keep building him at a sort of side project for when you need a quick anti-jedi stun or ability block.
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    more characters up might help you out in GW and the challenges. But PVP is all about your top 5. and only your top 5. so yes i agree, but all the GW tokens into lumi. And also i have to disagree about the ashoka comment. She has high damage. she has a heal for the team that seems to proc often when on defense. Built into her passive, she gets evation up when an enemy dies, Now this completes her kit. I have blown a whole turn(5 attacks) on her and she dodges all 5. I dont recall if lumi or another person with evation up was leader. But it ruined me that pvp fight.
  • Ahsoka is very under appreciated.....personally I'd get luminara to 7* stated above. .having the best possible top is very helpful....n she's an easy 7* along with sid & jc(imo)......personally I'm gonna start working on ventress once sid is 7*....3 more long days.........
  • Ahsoka 4 lyf!

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  • Yeah well out of the mentioned ones, ahsoka is kinda my fav, so im not gonna switch her out.

    The points mentioned make sense, im gonna stay with lumi for now. Will try to replace ventress with kylo once i get him and see how it works out.
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