Desperate for a Tier 7 Win

I give up on this event. I've been trying for weeks since the Journey Guide update with no avail. Thrawn wins every time and it's to the point where I'm about to just quit the game altogether. No matter what I do, nothing works. No amount of mod reworks, no amount of gear increases, nothing works and nothing helps.
Everything falls apart right around first fracture and after that it's literally poking DT duo, taunt Trooper, or Thrawn making me eat fracture until my team dies. The RNG for this is such a pain and the fact they have 350+ speed is absurd.
I don't know what else I can do except totally skip 7* Thrawn, R2, and CLS and go do literally anything else, which is obviously not recommended.
Obviously, I want to clear the event but what do I do when Thrawn wins every time?


  • Maybe not go in with less than minimum, level 75 pheonix at g8 wont be cutting it. Get them to level 85, do a couple omegas, maybe take them to g9 and go ham.
  • 86uywqq6qxg9.jpg

    Make your Phoenix team look like this. You won't have any problems at all.
  • Either get some god mods or (preferably) get them to G9 or higher. At your level I'm assuming your doing Hoth territory battles where they are one of the best teams for and even if not their ships are very solid for your eventual Millennium Falcon fleet
  • You don't need a squad like LendersQuiz to clear the event. But as stated by others, your under leveled and under geared. And at only level 75 they are don't even have omega skills.

    So take a breath and relax. Let the characters develop and it will happen. Thrawn is worth the wait.
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    Make sure you have Kanan's taunt ready when stage 4/4 is coming up. Chopper's too, just in case. Ideally, you want Kanan to be fractured. Try to get by with basic attacks towards the end of 3/4.

    Both Chopper and Ezra can dispel taunt from the stormtroopers. Use that to take out the death troopers first.

    The more gear you have on Ezra, the easier it is. Hera can use a little more gear than the rest too since she's rather squishy. Speed is important, so make sure your characters have high speed secondaries and speed primary arrows.

    ETA: Look up some YouTube videos before you try again. They're a big help with legendary events in general.
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