HaaT bug?

Today we did a haat raid and I entered into p1 with my shaak ti clone team. I noticed halfway through the raid that Rex had only taken 1 turn and was sitting at 100% tm for 4 turns after I noticed. When I went to record it he finally took a turn. I mentioned it to my guild in discord and another guild mate said he noticed that Rex never would take a turn. Anyone else noticing this?


  • I've noticed the same. I used to be able to solo the whole raid with my shaak ti lead Clone team with 3PO. Now I need to manually do P1 because turnmeter seems to be broken. After P1 I can put it on auto and finish it no problem.
  • So two haats ago I soloed the raid with my Clones no problem. Arc and Fives r7, Rex, Echo, Shaak Ti r5. The last time we went I put the exact team in and couldn't get through P1 without a few dying, so I had to back out then do the next three phases and was close to losing a few in P3. I had chalked it up to me just messing up but now that you mention it I'm wondering if something was going on because it felt like Rex was never taking a turn.

    Our haat runs tomorrow am so I'll give it a shot again then but I'll definitely pay close attention this time
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    My shark tea clones didn’t do as well but I thought/think it was bc they were in p3 so idk
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
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    Yeah I have r4 shaak with good speed, g12 fives and Rex with good speed, g11 echo and CS. My Rex should have gotten 3-4 rexhilates in but he only got one in. I have his zeta too. When I noticed he wasn’t taking turns I looked and he sat at 100% TM for a loooong time. After witnessing this today it makes sense cuz last haat same thing happen but the battle was over before I really processed it. But once again I only got 1 rexhilate in. Sparky if you wouldn’t mind please let me know if you notice this during your raid tomorrow. I’ve had 2 people say they noticed it so far
  • Forgot to mention. My echo has like 60 less speed than Rex and he took a lot more turns than Rex. No I can’t prove it as my video was taken too late but I assure you I will record the entire p1 next time
  • Ran the team in HAAT again today and had the same issue as last time. In P1 I can only get to about 35% before Grievous hits enrage and starts taking people out. Had to back out and by then P1 was finished so I ran the team the rest of the way.

    The only trouble then was P3 hitting enrage and it caused Fives to sacrifice, then I completed the rest of the raid with ease.

    This all seems semi-normal, except that still a few weeks ago I managed to solo the raid with no problems whatsoever. I'm not entirely sure what is different, but I do believe something has changed. I haven't really changed mods much since then, so I doubt that has a bearing on the run and especially not a big enough change that I went from completing P1 with a couple turns left before enrage to being unable to complete it by a large margin. Very strange
  • Yeah something seems to be not happening as intended. I hope a dev sees this.
  • Ez fix sim raids most likely outcome
  • No issues with my squad
  • I haven't done it with clones but my old solo team I'd manually do p1 and auto the rest started not making it out of p1 and it wasn't even close. Something does seem to have changed
  • I always solo P1. Raid is over so fast I don't risk having it go sideways then missing out on the full clear.
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    Not clones, but last HAAT I couldn’t get through P1 with my usual JTR team, I hadn’t changed any mods or anything, so it seemed strange as I always get through it easily.
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    Same Problem with Rex in P1 here. Stuck at 100 tm. Anyone got a solution? Tried shak clones with arc and with C3PO.
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