So you just bought the Hyperdrive bundle... now what?

Congratulations and welcome to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes! SWGoH is one of the best f2p hero collector strategy games available on mobile, and it’s Star Wars!

Despite its seemingly daunting high price, the Hyperdrive bundle is now basically a necessity for new players, as it will advance your account by about a year’s worth of “f2p time”. So now you’ve got this pretty decent roster, but what do with it? Let’s talk.

We’ll get into teams and farming strategy in a bit, but first, there are three things any new player needs to do:
1. Get in a good guild.
2. Learn about mods.
3. Get any character, it doesn't matter who, to a 7 star rank, as fast as possible.

Guilds: The guild you join will make or break your experience. You want to be in a guild which raids as frequently as possible and is organized when it comes to the guild-wide events such as Territory Wars and Territory Battles. Most of the larger guild clusters have starter guilds which completer heroic tier raids. Head on over to the recruiting channels here on the forums and find a discord based guild looking for new members, there's literally thousands of them.

Mods: While the Hyperdrive bundle unlocks all the mods challenges, it does not provide any mods. In SWGoH, speed is king. In general, if you can out speed your opponent, you’ll win. So start farming speed-set mods or other mod types always looking for speed as a secondary statistic. There are many in-depth resources regarding mods, such as the Modding and Discord Services server, so that is the extent of what we’ll cover about mods here.

Any Character to 7star: Having any character at a 7 star rank will allow you to participate in Heroic raids. Collecting those rewards is vital, even if you're not yet significantly contributing to finishing each raid.


Buying the Hyperdrive bundle provides immediate access to a solid baseline of many teams: Jedi, Rebels, Resistance, Empire, Sith, First Order, Imperial Troopers, Nightsisters, Rogue One & Clones. These teams will also unlock a few of the early legendary characters, such as Yoda, R2-D2, BB8, Palpatine & Thrawn.

Now what to DO with all these characters?

A new player whose entire roster consists of the characters received through this bundle realistically has two teams to be immediately competitive, Jedi or Nightsisters. Either would be a good decision, based on your own personal preference. For more in-depth team building or arena guides, check with your guild members or check out any numerous discussion points found on these forums or elsewhere online.

When it comes to what characters to work towards next, that answer is two specific characters: Jedi Knight Revan and Bossk.

To unlock Jedi Knight Revan... Bastila Shan, Jolee Bindo, T3-M4, Misson Vao & Zaalbar are all required at a 7star rank. Having Jedi Revan on your roster makes any player immediately viable in nearly every single game mode, and will be a team that will always be in the meta to some extent. Additionally, since the JKR team is so versatile, having that team provides the freedom to explore the rest of the SWGoH character roster as you choose without delaying development towards other goals.

Bossk is immediately farmable on Dark Side Hard Node 9-B. While unlocking Bossk will grant a viable Bounty Hunter team, the real value of Bossk lies in his ship, the Hound's Tooth. This ship (also immediately farmable on Light Side 8-D), is easily the most versatile and one of the most powerful standalone ships in in the game. Nearly every fleet line-up includes the Houndstooth. Plus, it shares a hard node with Jango Fett. Double Bonus! The reason for Bossk, and by association, the Hound's Tooth, is due to their value in Ships.

Ships: The Hyperdrive bundle grants access to about half of the best fleet line-ups. However, the best ships included in this bundle belong to the Bounty Hunters: Slave 1, Xanadu Blood, and the IG-2000. Like the Hound's Tooth, these three Bounty Hunter ships are also extremely versatile and their pilots are included in the bundle. Additionally, all four of these ships are required to unlock Han's Millennium Falcon, which is still by far the single most independently powerful ship.

A commonly made mistake by new players is to overlook or not invest time to properly develop their ships roster. Getting started on ships early by leveraging the four Bounty Hunter ships will have an immeasurable, long-lasting, positive effect on your roster.

TL;DNR: So in conclusion, if you’re new to SWGoH, and your roster consists entirely of the contents provided by the Hyperdrive Bundle. Unlocking and developing Bossk, Hound’s Tooth and Jedi Knight Revan should be the highest priorities as your SWGoH journey continues.


  • Step 1: Hyperdrive Bundle!

    Step 2:
  • Thanks for this, honestly this should be a sticky. I'm gonna be getting it Thursday, but I remember reading your post a while ago and couldnt find it for a while. Thanks for the tips man.
  • So when I get the hyperspace bundle, I was thinking of getting the journey guide mega packs. Which ones should I focus on?
  • So when I get the hyperspace bundle, I was thinking of getting the journey guide mega packs. Which ones should I focus on?
    Definitely the Jedi Knight Revan/Darth Revan ones.
  • I just purchased the hyperdrive bundle and stage 9 hard isn't unlocked on light or dark side. Only stage nine normal node 1 is unlocked and you have to fight through all of nine to get hard unlocked. I don't seem to have a team that can do that yet. It looks like I have a month or more of farming mods and leveling to get a team built that can win and get three star to get to Bossk.
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