Kit Touch-Up: Resistance Hero Finn

Resistance Hero Finn's kit will receive a minor change with the release of Resistance Hero Poe. Read more about Poe in the Developer Insight or you can find his kit here!


UNIT NAME: Resistance Hero Finn
CATEGORIES: Light Side, Attacker, Resistance
Supportive Attacker whose Inspiration empowers his allies on the battlefield


Basic: Mending Fire

Final Text: Deal Special damage to target enemy, and the weakest Resistance ally recovers 10% Health and Protection. If Resistance Hero Finn is not Inspired, reduce the cooldown of Strength of Will by 1.

Special 1: Strength of Will (Cooldown 4)

FINAL TEXT: Resistance Hero Finn becomes Inspired, and then deals Special damage twice to target enemy, which can't be evaded. Swap Turn Meter with another Resistance ally and if the target is Resistance Hero Poe, he also becomes Inspired. This attack has +10% Defense Penetration and +5% Critical Damage for each Inspired ally.

Inspired:Resistance characters gain bonuses when they are Inspired; this effect expires after receiving 3 critical hits

Special 2: Rallying Call (Cooldown 4)

FINAL TEXT: Dispel debuffs from all allies, deal Special damage to all enemies, and Rally all Resistance allies.

Rally: Rallied characters act based on their role.
  • Tanks Taunt and gain Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns
  • Attackers assist
  • Healers and Supports restore 15% Health and Protection to all allies

Unique 1: Spark of Resistance
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) All Resistance allies have +100% counter chance, +50% Defense, and +50% Tenacity while Resistance Hero Finn is Inspired. Additionally, while Resistance Hero Finn is Inspired, when an ally is prevented from using an ability during their turn, they recover 40% Health and Protection and gain 40% Turn Meter.


  • Nothing changed, nice touch-up (it would be better to improve someone else)
  • Sebek
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    Nothing changed, nice touch-up (it would be better to improve someone else)

    There is a touch up
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  • PukeCrywalker
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    Nothing changed, nice touch-up (it would be better to improve someone else)

    Wow, I wonder how much stuff you miss in day to day life let alone swgoh by not reading carefully. Heck you dont have to even read carefully, just's in bold green. Prime example of how to foolishly take a stance on a topic without having gathered the proper information. Quick to criticize others, however you yourself have made yourself self the target instead. Maybe read things two or three times before you light the torches and assemble the Avengers....
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