Trouble Fighting Jedi Knight Revan Teams

Hey Everyone,

I'm having trouble winning battles against JKR teams, they compose of JKR lead, Jolee, Gen Kenobi, Bastilla, and Grand Master Yoda. Between the revives, the crit immunity, and GK constantly taunting I cannot break through them.

My current strongest teams are
1) General Grevious nuke with GG R7Z, IG88 G12, BB8 R5 Z, T3 G12 ZZ, and Magna guard R5. This team does great against Darth Revan but can never beat Jedi Revan.

2) Imperial Troopers with Veers R4 Z, Death trooper R4, Shore trooper R6, Magma trooper R3, Range trooper R3

Any ideas for me?



  • Nightsisters make easy work of JKR.
    You already have GG, get the rest of the squad. B1, B2 etc
    DR slaughters JKR too.
    Your own JKR?
    Traya modded correctly with BSF, Sion, DN and Thrawn works too.
  • If you have a and link to it we might be able to help you more to see what else you have. A standard GG team works better than the nuke for fighting JKR though if GG and sep droids are well developed. Also, the "normal" counter to JKR is a DR sith empire team, as DR was basically designed as a direct counter to JKR. Troopers will most certainly not work against JKR.
  • DarthAnus666
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    Okay thanks,I might go for full Seppy droids or Night Sisters then.
    Here is my roster if anyone would like to check it out and see if I have anything that will work:
    Thank you!
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  • Yeah so I'm not sure why you went all in on Troopers, strange choice, but from you're roster the closest option you have is the Separatist droids, although you're B1 and B2 (which you don't seem to have unlocked) are crucial for that to work. B2 especially to keep the buffs off JKR teams. You have a ways to go for that team to be developed, but at least you already have GG done. You're nightsisters are also super far away from being JKR viable, and honestly using GG against JKR is usually easier for most people than Nightsisters.
  • Jarvind
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    True Sep Droid teams (Grievous, Magna, B1, B2, Droideka/Nute/Wat) can beat JKR, but the nuke team will struggle pretty bad. Nuke is built specifically to take advantage of Sith Empire's setup - lots of debuffs on themselves, no starting speed boost, and minimal sustain. None of those apply to JKR so the team falls apart quickly unless you vastly outgear the opposition.

    For the moment, I would say you are pretty boned. I'd also do more research in the future before investing in a team as heavily as you have in Imperial Troopers, as they are great but gain very little from relics as compared to a lot of other squads you could've put that salvage and data into.

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