Guide to destroying STR6 using cheap clones (G8)

This is a detailed guide how to use low geared clones to lead damage in STR6 (or lower). It's intended for new players or guilds. You can achieve upwards of 150M total damage using this strategy if your raid lasts a week or more with practice.
Damage Potential for STR6: P1 20M+, P2 20M+, P3 10M+, P4 5M+ (per attempt)
Min Player Level required: 80. You do not have to be level 85!
Gear required: G8
Mandatory Characters: Rex, Fives, Echo (best if 7 star)
4th: 1 healer (your choice)
5th: Arc Trooper (best), Ahsoka, Clone Sergeant, Anakin, or 2nd healer. (You don't need luxury options such as Shaak Ti, C3PO, etc)
Zetas required: Fives Tactical Awareness (level 80)
Key Omega: Rex's Aerial Advantage (level 80). Rank 7 still works but does a lot less damage.
Overall Strategy: Your goal is to keep Rex alive as long as possible (ideally to enraged) to allow as many Aerial Advantages as possible. The more turns, the higher the damage output.
Not maxing Fives Cover Five is crucial to the strategy. This means Fives cannot taunt and gains permanent 100% offense from Domino Squad. He's also unlikely to die to direct fire due to higher base health/protection compared to your other clones. If you have already maxed Cover Fire, I believe more RnG is involved and limits your damage.
Generally it's best if Fives sacrifices himself halfway to heal up and supercharge your undergeared clones. This allows them to kill adds faster, avoid taking damage, and keep Rex alive longer.
Fives: Give him the most gear and use your best mods on him. Stack Offense, Speed, Protection, and then health (in that order). Sets can be Speed, Offense, Crit, or Crit damage (I prefer crit damage since Clone teams have high base crit rate). Use as much Offense (not Offense %) on secondaries as possible. Fives already has 100% Offense so any increase in his base physical damage is multiplied. Protection is slightly better than health in my opinion since sacrifice restores 100% protection of all your surviving clones whereas only the saved clone health is restored to full.
Rex: You want him fast. 200+ is a good target. Potency secondaries also help remove TM on minions and also great for HPIT, HAAT.
Echo: His mods are not that important. Just use whatever you got.
Healer: mod for speed/survivability. I use Old Daka, but my options are very limited.
General raid strategy: It's ideal to restart attempt if at anytime Fives dies without sacrifice or if Rex dies prematurely after a sacrifice. If your healer dies, it's okay so long as it's not early. For me, usually only Rex and Echo are alive near enrage. Next to Rex's Aerial Advantage, the damage done by your clones to bosses is insignificant, so focus on staying alive instead of dealing damage.
STR6 P1: Avoid attacking Nihilus directly since damage drives up his speed. Always focus adds. Usually Fives gets Unbreakable Will first but I generally avoid using him for annihilates since it risks Fives dying to damage and not sacrificing himself. You can try rolling the dice and hope Nihilus's 1st annihilate hits Rex or Echo to trigger sacrifice. If possible, I try to use Unbreakable Will on healer or other clone (but not Rex or Fives). Towards enrage, if you time Unbreakable Will right, you can get an extra Aerial Advantage since Rex takes about two turns for each Nihilus turn. In general, it's sometimes hard to time Unbreakable Wills on clones due to TM gain from Form Up and Echo's Support Fire.
P2: Always focus the adds. Use Soothe liberally on all units except when adds are present. This helps you avoid Sion counterattacks since your health is more valuable than damage. In fact, Echo assists are counterproductive since they stack cycles. Using Soothe counts as a turn for stacking Aerial Advantage.
P3: This phase is significantly harder since each turn, assist, and counterattack stacks Bonds of Weakness. With low gear, the Sabers are pretty hard to kill before Fives sacrifice. I have had some success using Stand Alone on Fives right before Traya recovers from 1st topple to get her toppled again with counterattacks. This phase is subject to a lot of RnG. Others may have better insight.
P4: Focus adds. Always attack Sion and only hit Nihilus on Aerial Advantage. Again, every turn, assist, and counterattack stacks Bonds of Weakness. They add up really fast so I prefer to use Soothe at 7-8 stacks to control the damage. Managing your Soothes and its cooldown well helps a lot. It also helps to have a second cleanser for Isolate (i.e. Arc-Trooper or Ahsoka, etc) since Fives will eventually sacrifice. This phase is hard, especially against Traya. The spread of total HP across the bosses limits the damage potential of Aerial Advantage.
HPIT/HAAT: This team is capable of soloing P1 in HPIT with G9 or 10. You can also solo both P3 and P4 of HAAT if you have enough potency on Rex and time Form Up properly.
Some screenshots of STR6 P1 doing 19M damage as level 83 about a month ago:
Recent shot of 80M total after phase 2 (my guild is small):
If anyone is interested, I can record my next raid.
Discord: snigglyfoo#7468 Ally Code: 213-878-68
Guide also available on reddit:


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