Thugs in White Armor Needs 2! 268 GP, 30/17 plus Kam!

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Sup guys. We're the Thugs in White Armor and we have room for exceptional players to join our ranks!
We’re a bunch of immature old people from all around the world that have been united by our passion for Star Wars and our dark, wicked sense of humor. We have a diverse group of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds and we're LGBT-friendly.
We have Heroic Rancor, Heroic AAT, and Heroic Sith Triumvirate on routine farm status; our raid times rotate between 12PM, 5PM and 9PM EST. No silly raid rules, all raids FFA. With Territory Battles, we’re currently completing 17 stars Light Side geo and 30/33 in Dark side Geonosian. new recruits should have appropriate TB teams.
We’re currently asking new recruits to have a minumum of 5.5m GP prior to joining, but exceptions can be made for exceptional players.
can follow basic directions, are willing to farm and gear necessary characters to promote progression, will bring in their 600 tickets daily to ensure we can raid as often as possible, are willing to download Discord, are willing to learn and improve, have a certain long-time commitment to the game and their guild
We respect that everyone has a real life and this is just a game. Nevertheless, we strive to play at a competitive level and expect our members to do so as well. Not everyone can give 100% every single day (which is totally fine), but if you can't even consistently spare the 30 minutes required to complete your dailies, then our guild isn’t for you.
• Guild Galactic Power: 276 million
• Rancor Raid: heroic on farm status
• AAT Raid: heroic on farm status
• Sith Raid: heroic on farm status
• Territory Battles: Light 45/45, Dark 48/48 and 30/33 in Geo. Dark side, 17 in light side
• 42 wat shards if you still need him
• Territory Wars: Strong strategy with zeta x3 and max potential rewards. Win rate 90%
• What we require: daily 600’s, full participation, thick skin.

If you think you got what it takes to be a thug hit me up on discord @ snookalo#7976 or just hit our discord and join our ranks today!
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