HT Cooldown Increase

Can someone help me figure out what’s increasing the cooldown on HT? I’ve noticed that after the opening special, I sometimes have trouble ever getting a second chance to use HT’s special (a second time). I use a malevolence fleet and almost everyone in my shard uses negotiator. Today, I paid more attention to the sequence but still can’t figure out what’s increasing the CD of his special.

Midway through the match, it’s my HT’s turn. I saw the special was ready, but HT was also taunting and I only had HT, vulture droid, and a summoned vulture droid left. I used his basic his basic to heal. Next up was the opponent’s negotiator which used the aoe attack. At the time, the opponent had Plo Koon, HT, clone sargeant, and Fives on the field. Daze didn’t land on my HT. After taking a couple more hits from these ships, my HT went again, and his special was set to max. What’s causing this?


  • Negotiator's Ultimate (the y-wing assault) sets all cooldowns to max.

  • Negotiator's Ultimate (the y-wing assault) sets all cooldowns to max.

    That might be it. I must have missed that in the mound of text. It could have been the ultimate aoe instead of the other (which feels more like an ultimate).
  • Jarvind
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    The solution is to drop HT from your Malevolence fleet altogether and let Sun Fac and Hyena tank for you.

  • HK666
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    I like to call HT after/around the mavo ult. Don't think he's ever gone down when called like that
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