What ships are 'must haves' for the GAS event?

Hi all!

I am currently farming and gearing all over the place, trying to get ready for GAS.

I currently have the following ships at 7*:
JKA's ship
Ahsoka's ship
Rex' ship
The Umbaran fighter (don't remember the pilot)

As such I meet the requirements for the event (JKA +3 GR ships), but is it realistic to do it with the above?

I also have the rest of the GR ships at 7* (Plo Koon, JC and Clone Sergeant) - but I would rather not spend gear on those unless needed...!

Oh and I run with the Negotiator!


  • You are good. I beat the ships portion with minimum powers on most with the endurance. If you negotiator it's just overkill
  • Clone sarge is worth it as he is in the meta line-up currently.

    That’s it you’re making a negotiator fleet as well.

    Otherwise what you have should be enough.
  • What you have at 40k is fine IF you boost Anakin up to relic. His is the only ship you need above the minimum.

    I also did the mission first pass of the GAS event on my very first try. I hadn't watched any how-to videos or anything. I just wanted t try it for myself. Ahsoka (not yet relic'd) was taken out with a single shot at the beginning of the battle and I started to panic, but the longer the battle went on, the more it was obvious that I could get it done.

    And I did.

    If I can do it with bad initial RNG on my first try in the first hour the event went live and with no strategy help, you'll do fine.

    I won't say it's easy to do it the way i did it. I was biting my nails for a few moments there, but given the opportunity for multiple tries plus all the strategy help now, there's literally zero risk you'll actually fail.
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