Returning Player Farming Dilemma!

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So, after taking a break for maybe a year, maybe more? (Back when rebels were meta and I was working on a Wiggs team lol), I came back to SWGOH at the end of 2019 and have been playing for a month, and my main focus has been the legendary characters! In this time frame I have got Thrawn, R2D2, and CLS to 7*, while currently finishing up BB8 to get JTR next, should be done with these base Legendaries by the end of February based on the progress I already have towards JTR! Seeing these amazing new Galactic Legend characters on the horizon, and seeing these amazing characters such as the Revans, Malak, Padame and even Skywalker already in the game, I am having a hard time deciding what to grind for next once I wrap this phase up! I know most people would have recommended starting a new account, but I am not hyper competitive, and had a pretty good foothold in the game already, and can hang in the top 400 in my current shard's arena with my decent Empire team, and when I came back a month ago I was at 1000 lol.
-- This is my account -- if you are interested in taking a look at what I have now, and see if that helps you with helping me when it comes to what to farm next! This is my first post here as I have been riding solo up to this point, while watching a bit of YouTube here and there, so treat me right guys! Thanks in advance for all of the great help! :D


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    Seppies -> Padme -> GR is probably your optimal path and moves you towards GAS eventually. You can slow-farm the Revan requirements on the side.

    GR would be Galactic Republic, is that correct? Also thank you for that answer, it means alot!
  • Yes GR is Galactic Republic.
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