DS GTB versus LS GTB: Why Do Rewards Not Scale With Difficulty?

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The title says it all, but I'll expound on my thought.

First, the facts (thanks to https://wiki.swgoh.help/wiki/ for their documentation!)

DSGTB 33 Stars Reward:
6650 GET1
7350 GET2
900 Crystals
T3-01 Box

LSGTB 33 Stars Reward:
6800 GET1
8000 GET2
900 Crystals
T4-02 Box

The GET1 difference is trivial (2.3%).
The GET2 difference is marginally better (8.8%).
Identical Crystals.
Gear Box appears to be slightly better but difficult to tell without known statistics.

The difficulty in required GP, and quality of toons and squads is in my opinion way more than 2.3% harder in LSGTB. Way more than 8.8% harder. Why is this my opinion? A G12 squad can still have some impact in Phase 4 DSGTB; whereas, you can't even play most G12 light side toons in LSGTB Phase 1. Considering the GP bump and stat bump that R7 relics offer versus G12+5, and considering that R7 squads have considerable RNG in P1-P2 of LSGTB, it seems like the rewards just don't line up with the expectations.

I don't want to get too tied up in the statistics, but I wanted to present some factual observations, and make the case.

Similar to the argument that the Sith Raid required way too much time and effort for the terrible rewards, I'm making the argument that the LS GTB should earn us much better rewards for our time and effort spent earning them.

And I'll anticipate any comments that the Sith Raid and LS GTB are completely different situations for guilds. I am explicitly saying that they are different. They are clearly different situations, with guilds blowing days on a single phase and still getting garbage rewards back in the early days of the Sith raid.

LS GTB rewards aren't garbage, per-se, and they don't take a longer amount of time than DS GTB. I'm pointing out that CG got the rewards wrong in the Sith Raid when it launched, and it's my opinion that they got it wrong with LS GTB, too.
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