What is your favorite Zeta in Game?



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    Finn's old zeta. It was my first zeta. I have fond memories of it

    Same here, my first too. I ran zFinn, zScav Rey, Poe, RT, and RP in arena for the longest time. Couldn't hold on defense worth a crap, but man I could kill anything on offense, and HAAT P2 was always fun. Once that expose train got rolling....

    Of the Zetas I have currently, BB8's Roll With the Punches. I love it especially when I run him on an all-droid team with R2.
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    Positive thread bump.

    EzPz is 2 zetas but it’s wicked cool to type.

    Haha too true.

    My fav is OG Kylos. My first zeta so many moons ago. Still my favorite faction too.
  • GG's unique. Oooh he's a monster.
  • EP and Veers make both of those factions a ton of fun to play. EP is still one of the better offensive leads in the game IMHO. Gotten a lot of mileage out of that two year old reword. Veers is just pure enjoyment to play - wish I could spend the resources to make them relevant.
  • @cannonfodder_iv same here. Had everything lined up to gold them all. Took Snow to G12 but then other more important content keeps coming up. One of these days I'll bite the bullet and G12 all of them and Relic Snow. He'll be a monster. Currently hits for 40k with the usual buffs on his basic.
  • Mauls.

    First zeta and my favorite meta.
  • CCyrilS
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    First zeta and my favorite meta.

  • Gifafi
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    wampa furious foe
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Does Daka’s unique actually do anything?

    I’ve never felt the benefit from it and would happily trade it back for the mats
    yes. In PVP against squads like a GG, if you have a Relic Daka she'll survive an aoe, res everyone up, and basically become more and more immortal. In Geo TB same thing can happen, aoes will cause deaths she resses, and it pretty much guarantees that you can survive and finish 4/4 unless it's a wave with 5's (and you don't use NS in them), it also lets her survive enrage in Tank phase 2 and 3, and continue to push in phase 3 of HSTR, because you just survive and get Asajj back up by having her kill a saber, as long as Asajj or Daka don't get isolated you can pretty much solo the phase.
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    GBA Queens Will. Gives you a pre-taunting extra character, who counters, hits pretty hard and is tanky as hell at the start of Battle. I don't think anyone could complain about that anytime now or in the future. GBA being a cantina farm is just the icing on the cake because of the accessibility.

    Edit: Han's Shoots first and Nest's Fighting Instinct for honerable mentions.
  • There are a lot of zeta abilities that I like, it’s honestly hard to pick a favorite.
  • BB-8 Roll with punches, love the triple attack he can do with JRT.
  • Bodhi Rook - Double Duty

  • Emperor of the Galactic Empire.
  • Gar Saxon
    One day it will earn its cost!
  • Either Number Crunch or the old Kylo Ren zeta, soloing a team was so much fun.
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