Level 60 cap, i want to stay at 60 as long as possible

level 60 cap increase wud mean me at level 53 wud get run over by p2p players and i would not have a chance of keeping a good pvp rank


  • That's y they are keeping it at 60 for now..To make sure tons of players reaches level 60
    But then again, when u will reach level 6 hard dark side missions and u face those level 66 grade 8 gears enemies, u might want to be over level 60
  • yeh but i need to actually get to 60 first lol
  • I'm sure they won't raise level cap before 2016.. World launch was released in November I think.. Usually they wait 3-6 months before raising level cap.. Allowing you to either get bored or level up other heroes

    Can't have too many heroes these days in GW with the new boosted AI evasion success rates
  • yeh but i need to actually get to 60 first lol

    OK, we'll all wait for you then

    Tell us when it's ok to move forward.

  • ok let me get to 60 then raise the cap to 70 just for me and then raise it for everyone else a month after
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