My DRevan unlock team

Kept trying with less than this but this is what it finally took to clear P5.


Team GP was just short of 83K.

I really wanted to do it with less, but even w/ Arena mods kept having issues in Tier5 before Zetas.

Added the Zetas & passed w/o the Arena mods.

They were some ugly wins with half or more of the group dead but they won.


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    Congrats! I slapped gear 11 on everyone because I couldn't spare any zetas and didn't want to try for hours. Still took a bunch of attempts on tier 5. I keep replaying it when I'm bored to try and get another star.
  • HBF_DragonEmissary
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    Impressive but this guy in my alts shard...
    Lvl 3 abilities on Carth and Canderous. Juhani mostly level 3.
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    That almost looks like cheating, or, the most insane amount of RNG luck ever, or just 500 attempts, LOL.

    I mean, HOW do you survive the T5 waves to be in any shape to take on the Droids w/ all that G7.


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