3v3 separatists

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Hey all,

So far I've always played a 3v3 defensive team with Nute lead, Droideka and Magna. They've kept their ground sometimes, but now that I've finally geared up my Jango, I'd like to mix 'em up a bit.
Would Nute/Jango/Dooku be a better fit for Nute?
Then I can still play Droideka and Magna in a HK led team.


  • I think so, it's always great to try more teams and diversify your game
  • I quite like a nute lead with dooku and either nest or malak for 3v3, both are a nightmare to deal with..
  • What’s better nute gunray in a separatist team or Asajj ventres?
  • @TySaucy 3v3? Nute lead for a seps team and av with zombie and daka is imo your best combo..
    5v5 av lead at relic levels works really well, nute I haven’t found as being better than average, I use him with dooku/jango/wat +1 just in case someone makes a mistake and goes light on them.
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