Developer Insights: The Raddus

Hi Holotable Heroes,

Today we are breaking down the new Resistance Capital Ship, the Raddus! You can find the kit reveal in the Arena and Character Strategy section of the forums. Read on below to find out how this new ship handles on the holotables.


The Basics:
  • The Raddus is a new Resistance capital ship with Fleet Commander Amilyn Holdo in command.
  • This capital ship is almost entirely in the supporting role as its abilities are focused on bolstering Resistance faction ships with Foresight and protection via the Deflector Shield ability.
  • While the Raddus doesn’t deal any direct damage, it increases the survivability and offensive potential of Resistance ships considerably.

Unique Attributes:
  • The Raddus has a very unique Ultimate ability that allows it to sacrifice itself to destroy the enemy capital ship!
  • Destroying a capital ship (including your own) prevents most capital ship-related abilities such as Reinforcements but Unique ability effects will persist until the end of the battle.
  • It is a powerful support capital ship and has no direct damage attacks but the Raddus can call ships to assist and has the self-destructive Ultimate, The Holdo Maneuver.
  • The Raddus can provide a new status effect, Deflector Shield, which grants Foresight and recovers protection at the start of the unit’s turn.
  • The Ultimate ability has a very long cooldown of 10 turns but can be reduced when Resistance allies with Foresight use a special ability.

  • As we lead up to Galactic Legends, we wanted to include some of the important ships from the most recent trilogy. The Raddus played a pivotal role for the Resistance in the final moments of The Last Jedi.
  • We definitely could not put this ship in the game without the Holdo Maneuver and it needed to have an animation fitting for such a visually impressive attack.
  • We also wanted to improve Resistance ships in the game by giving them some additional utility in Grand Arena and Territory Wars.

Strategy Tips:
  • You’ll want to focus on reducing the very long cooldown of the Ultimate. Luckily, the Raddus can grant Foresight or Deflector Shields with almost every ability and then it's just a matter of using as many special abilities with Resistance ships as often as you can.
  • Rey’s Millennium Falcon is a key part of damage output in this fleet. You’ll want to wait until you get as many buffs on Rey’s Falcon before you use Special 1 to deal as much damage as possible.
  • Deflector Shields are also a great way to keep your ships alive while stacking buffs on the Falcon and reducing the Raddus’ Ultimate cooldown.

Special Interactions:
  • After an enemy Capital Ship and the Raddus have been destroyed via the Holdo Maneuver, both fleets’ Unique abilities will continue to persist for the rest of the battle. However, in future Grand Arena battles, if the Capital Ship has been defeated, the fleet will not get bonuses from the destroyed Capital Ships.
  • This will also prevent Reinforcement Bonuses and fleets will be unable to reinforce their existing ships.
  • Deflector Shield can’t be copied but can be dispelled and prevented.
  • The Holdo Maneuver does not count as losing or destroying a ship in Grand Arena, meaning you will not earn or lose additional banners and you can still get credit for a full squad win

Fleet Suggestions:
  • The first three ships are fairly obvious, the Resistance ships (Rey’s Millennium Falcon, Poe’s X-wing and Resistance X-wing) due to their direct synergy with the Raddus
  • Resistance fleets lack dedicated tank so the Hound’s Tooth is a great addition to help keep your more fragile attackers alive.
  • Ebon Hawk is a great reinforcement ship in many fleets due to the mass dispel when entering the battle.
  • Lando’s Millenium Falcon is very strong as a finisher as its reinforcement ability allows it to take a bonus turn for each Reinforcement previously called in by the allied Capital Ship during this encounter.
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