Raddus Verdict In: The event is easy



  • @Vendi1983
    But saying 1-2 weeks is laughable. Unless you're wasting an exorbitant amount of crystals on store refreshes PLUS fleet energy and node refreshes.

    it takes 1-2 weeks of income for people who are at least 40/85, which isn't a bad guess at where a lot of people will be. Even if you don't like fleet, these ship blueprints drop from various sources and people spend a few resources on them before they decide not to bother with ships, etc. etc.

    Now, maybe the shards don't appear in the store quite as often as that, but remember the estimate was for someone picking up 1000 Fleet Tokens/day. That means that it only has to show up in the store 2.5x/day to keep up with your income. I haven't looked at how often Poe shows up, but 2x/day isn't a bad first guess. If it turns out to be wildly different from that (and it could, I have no memory since my Poe X-wing farm was so long ago), then it's still probably no worse than 1x/day. If you're in a desperate hurry, refresh the store a few times and hopefully you'll then be hitting 2x/day again (and nearly keeping up with your available income).

    And if it doesn't? You can also farm it from a node. And in the meantime, your fleet tokens don't go away. Whichever tokens you don't use on Poe will still be sitting in your bank account for you to use on Zeta mats as soon as you have Poe topped up.

    So, yes, If you're an active player who doesn't like fleet and you're finishing around #200, you can still boost Poe from 1/2way between 5* and 6* all the way up to 7* in a couple weeks if you devote your fleet income to Poe blueprint purchases and then add in node farming as necessary.

    Of course, all this assumes that you care about getting Raddus and are willing to sacrifice those 14,000 Fleet tokens. 14k is only 7 zeta mats to sacrifice to get Raddus a couple months early compared to node-only farming. But if you don't care, just don't bother and problem solved.

    This math is for people who do care and what to see what they'll be getting in exchange for 7 Zeta mats.
  • Vendi1983 wrote: »
    But saying 1-2 weeks is laughable. Unless you're wasting an exorbitant amount of crystals on store refreshes PLUS fleet energy and node refreshes.

    To go from 0 shards to 330, yes 1-2 weeks would be an incorrect estimate. But Poes shop was one of the first ships released on the game it's been out since I want to say ships first came out. And it actually was a pretty decent ship when it first came out. Its fast and does a lot of damage and it's one of the few whose special ability could always hit tie fight in the early days of fleet arena. Which back then tie fighter was part of the meta. It isnt unreasonable to assume people would have him at more than zero shards. The fleet store refreshes itself multiple times a day. You dont need to spend an exorbitant amount of Crystal's to get this ship. You can get enough fleet store tokens to buy 140 shards of this ships within 2 weeks. 5 weeks will get you enough fleet store tokens to get 330 shards of this ship. Less time if you make better than 201 in fleet arena.

    If you want this capitol ship it looks like you might want to get to it.
  • Poe’s an easy farm. Did it forever ago.

    It’s Lando’s Falcon that’s making me cry... 3/100.
    Ceterum censeo Patientia esse meliat.
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