The Discarded


Do you love SWGOH but it seems like every guild is either too intense or too laid back? Are you active and want to progress in the game and participate daily with like-minded people but not get scolded or booted for having a job and/or family? Discarded is the guild for you. We are a 204 million GP guild closing in on 24 stars in Geo and 10 stars in the new TB with Heroic Sith Raid on farm. Join us!

Requirements: Participate daily in tickets (no minimum if you miss a day but try your best!), do all TB combats and participate in TW.

3 mil gp or higher. Would look at lower gp rosters if certain toons are being worked on.

Looking for 2-3 individuals to help us grab some more stars in Geonosis/GR TB. Message me here or on Discord at Azazel#1374 if interested.
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