The Definition of 'Playable Content'

Dear Creators of this Game,

I think that maybe your definition of "content" does not match that of the entire community of this game. When we ask for new content, we are specifically asking for ways to PLAY this game. We want new missions. We want new raids. We want new game modes that are not time gated, energy gated, ticket gated, or any other kind of gating methods.

This game is fun to play. The combat is actually enjoyable. Getting to use our rosters (our whole rosters) is fun.

But you guys seem to have a different definition of content from the rest of us. New characters are not content. When you add a new character to the game, that in and of itself is not new content. That just gives us another tool with which to interact with the content that exists. But a new character by itself is not new content.

Likewise, game mechanics and game systems such as G13, Relics, Mods, Gear, etc, those things are not playable content. They are just game mechanics.

Double likewise, when you guys brought out that Hyperdrive bundle, you advertised it as new content for the game. Let me be clear with you. Selling something that already exists in the game, that is not new content. Selling a time-saver bundle, that is not new content.

Galactic Legends is not new playable content. Galactic Legends is just a fresh take on doing something we've already been doing. We already have to gear up characters. We already have to mod them and relic them. We've already been doing this stuff. Taking a handful of characters, grouping them together into a "quest" and telling us to gear them up, that is not new content because all of that stuff has already existed in the game before GLs were introduced.

We are content starved. Your community is desperate for new ways to play this game. PLAY being the key word here. We want battles. We want to be able to use these teams that we have been building and actually do something with them.

That is the definition of content. Being able to play this game. Each and every month when you release new grinds for gear, relics, mods, levels, etc, you are not helping the fact that this game has no playable content in it.


  • I agree with the sentiment above. It’s a sentiment I’ve had for a while now in this game where there is little new playable content, and when it comes out, all it is is just artificially tougher battles by way of super high health, tenacity etc opponents that make a super boring battle 5 times longer than it ought to be...unless of course that is LSTB, then you can barely play it because you will get wrecked anyway. Character and kit designs seem to be pretty creative these days. The playable content however is just about the antithesis of that at this point in my opinion.
  • Yeah, I don't really consider Geo LSTB to be new content, unfortunately. They future proofed that thing so hard that it isn't playable right now.
  • Gifafi
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    "when you guys brought out that Hyperdrive bundle, you advertised it as new content for the game."

    they did?
  • Gifafi wrote: »
    "when you guys brought out that Hyperdrive bundle, you advertised it as new content for the game."

    they did?

    Yes. They did. Quote below taken from the Road Ahead 11/20/19
    in this post we’d like to discuss some exciting changes we have planned for future content in Galaxy of Heroes.

    That's from the introduction to the road ahead. They are discussing future content. Skip ahead a few paragraphs, and one of the major new future content discussion items in that post is the Hyperdrive bundle.

    The very first introduction they gave us was that they are excited about this new content for us to buy. Which is not new content at all, but just a catch-up and time saver bundle.
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