arena- am I crazy?

long time player. downloaded the game just a couple hours after it launched. I run nightsister team. I usually go 5/5 in arena sometimes I go 4/5 when rng goes wierd.
Today I lost my first match to a team composition I usually handle easy. They had 4 characters left.
2nd match went extremely wierd as well they had 4 characters left.
3rd match I swapped out my acolyte for QGJ and hunted the previous match I had just lost to see if it went weird. It did but I killed 2 characters before losing.
4th match was the weirdest of all. Again an opponent I usually win handily. Phasma(lead),daka,han, lumi, sid.
I got first move with daka and attacked the opponent daka(just damaged her). Han used his special so I used QGJ to try and dispel. It failed and then all of their characters went again and again and again and again until all I had left was my initiate for my third and final futal attack of the match.
it was like their turn meters just wouldn't stop reloading to full.


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