EU Guild - 182M GP - 26* on Geo TB looking for 1 player

PTA SWH is an established European guild. We are fully heroic and reached a moment that we are only looking for TB & TW focused players. We do not want to change our mentality, so we are looking for 1 like minded player, who is community active and can embrace a project where work and commitment are needed. We have a solid group of 49 players, that are very focused on the game and that will welcome and support you.

-We are 181M GP with 49 players
-HSITH (2xweek)
-Discord to communicate
-28K raid tickets produced daily
-1 Spot to fill (needs to be 3 M GP+, top 200 on arena or top 20 on fleet)
- Having a good GEO team is a +
- 25* on GEO TB
- 99% win ratio on TW. We lost 3 in 12 months
-16 Wat Tambor shards per TB

5 reason why you should join us instead of an even bigger guild?

1 .We are against a strict set of rules. We embrace the KISS strategy (Keep it simple, stupid). So we just have two rules. Punishments are soft & easily avoidable, and we try to make polls about all major decisions regarding guild progression.

2 .Leadership has been playing together for 2,5 years. Very stable.

3 .Doing 600 is not even a rule, if you enjoy the game and embrace the guild spirit you will do them almost all the time.

4 .We have discord and you need to have it too. It's not mandatory to chat all days, but you need to check from time to time what is happening, especially on TB and TW days.

5.We are all like minded and have the same objective. We are not recruiting guildhoppers, we have a long history with the same players and we want to continue on building this group and not have a brief experience. If your objective is to rank 1st on HSITH only and not grow as a group, please don't contact. Sending your is important, but explaining what brought you to us is what will give you that spot.

· Raid info:

Raid at 8 PM GMT / 9 PM CET

Message us:


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