Calling out to all guild leaders, please read

Hello everyone,

As you all know by now the world is facing a crisis unlike anything we have ever seen in all of our lifetimes. We are all leaders and have understood what that means. Now is the time you can all really lead and help out your fellow guildies and hopefully more people around the world.

I will not tell any of you what you should do, I will only explain what I have done so far and what I recommend.

I just recently created a current events channel around the world on our discord for all of us to share our experiences and give helpful advice. I would suggest to all guild leaders to do the same. We have millions of people who play this game from around the world. Maybe we can all make a difference starting here.

Please feel free to share any other ideas you may have. Remember we are all affected by this, and we need to all stick together and help each other to get through this.

I've said my piece, to all of my fellow swgoh pals be safe, stay healthy and please take this seriously.


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