Team members for GL Kylo and Rey

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Hey guys,

do some of you already got a good team combination at paper for both GL toons? (Beside Kylo with FO and Rey with resistance)


  • I've got a couple concepts so far for rey... both of which are kind of stupid.
    First is dependent on exactly how the interactions work, but the fact Rey has a team-wide protection up means she'd theoretically work ridiculously well under a padme lead if it actually properly counts and works as it seems it might. That said, I've used my 5* padme a whole 2 times so not sure if it would actually work correctly.

    The second is just literally the most meme thing I've thought of.
    Rey + Grievous + 3PO.
    That negative effect Grievous has of doing double damage to lightside droids?
    You should totally be able to build him with enough HP to drop 3PO below 60% on every one of GG's turns, thus allowing you to just insta-kill something with Rey every turn.
    Rey/GG/GK/Hoda/3PO, something like that. It's really stupid, but honestly it might actually work fairly well.

    You could probably effectively run Rey on just about any team that wasn't Clones though.. simply because their leads are already good enough to kind of be a waste to use her on them instead of something else.
    And their universal leads mean we finally have actual leads for all the rather OP plug and play chars, like Thrawn/Wampa/Nest/etc., which could make a huge difference for some of them. (Wampa doesn't even HAVE a tag, after all.)

    Kylo's only teams that really come to mind would be on/leading DR or FO though. That negative really hurts his good options... Remains to be seen just how OP he actually is though, since things like running him on Geos could still be feasible even though he'd kill them.
  • One team I would like to try out for raids would be:
    Ideally modded so that Yolo gains Guard from chewie. Strategy would be to initially kill off all the minions while Rey spreads around Inspire, then once everyone has it you can ping away at the boss to give it additional turn meter (and boost your Mastery in the process). Lifeblood would go to Yolo. Yolo would also give himself protection up every other turn for the ramping damage, and spread around prepared/recover protection with special 2. His zeta would be a hard requirement, as you’d be relying on all his assists as your primary source of damage. Qira would make sure everyone has plenty of health with health steal up, and she would team up with chewie for buff removal. Han would be modded for speed and spam his specials to take as many turns as possible to call in the supercharged Yolo for the assists.
    I see this team having the hardest time with P1 (HSTR), but if you could get past that phase they could potentially solo all of HSTR (at R7 and god mods).
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