Skywalker/Ahsoka P2 Mission

Anyone have the optimal mod setup or strategy for the phase 2 mission with General Skywalker and Ahsoka? I have both at r7 though the last TB I tried it and I think cleared 2 waves. I was thinking actually putting a bunch of tenacity on Skywalker would be the way to do it, but I don't remember entirely since it was a month ago.


  • Moorebid
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    Nvm, nope, didn't have a crack at LS Geo TB yet
  • Not tenacity. Go for full protection or a mix of protection and offense. And kill the droids with stacks of battalion first
  • My only concern with no tenacity was the second I was stunned it was game over for me. They immediately took me down then wiped Ahsoka
  • Who stunned you? Remember dooku in last phase applies tenacity down, so added tenacity is uselss against him. I had no stunners on the other rounds I think
  • Sorry just did the fight, it wasn't stun it was daze. And it happened again and I had no chance. 125k protection and 90k health but if you get dazed with 2-3 enemies up you just get melted. I think it is more about timing when you get knocked down because you're likely losing Ahsoka no matter what. Only made it to wave 3 before I was killed.
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    @SparkyBurns What’re your mods on both characters? I had a R7 Gen Skywalker and a R4 Ahsoka and cleated 4/4
  • I had some success with 4x primary health (6E mods) 3x health sets on both.
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