New characters needed

Here’s a list of characters I’d like to see added to the game at some point because they seem the be important characters missing from the movies:
Admiral Piett
Jabba the Hutt
Nien Nunb
Old Luke Skywalker
Jar Jar Binks
Old Leia (include Jedi skills)

Have I missed any?


  • Sebek
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    Maybe Anakin Skywalker(Fallen) or Jedi Master Kenobi
    I Love Sequels
  • mInEcRaFtEr0617
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    edited March 25
    All of the Inquisitors,
    Darth Bane,
    Galen Marek (Vader's secret apprentice),
    Mandalorians (from both the Disney+ series and from the Clone Wars),
    the Bad Batch,
    Sheev Palpatine (senator),
    Darth Plagueis,
    Maul (with his robotic legs),
    Scout Trooper (from Return of the Jedi),

    etc etc
  • More additions to the list:
    Hondo Ohnaka
    Old Rex, Wolf & Gregor with rebel tags
    Grand Master Satele Shan
    Darth Marr
    Darth Malgus
    Admiral Trench

  • There are a few I'd like to see.

    Jedi Rig Nema, just feel need more healers.

    All the main characters from the forces unloaded.

    The characters from SWtOR: order of the fallen
  • Brc333
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    Gungan team
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