What CG and SWGOH has become

Thank you CG for putting out the most expensive and exclusive event (Galactic Legend). It shows how bad and how out of touch you have been in making contents. Not only is the event is hid behind a huge paywall (ridiculous character requirements) it is also being locked behind a max capped not guaranteed tokens,so much for keeping us "engaged". Well as long as the event is fun then everything is fine right? WRONG you have been spouting about how the event is going to be fresh and exciting like is the best thing ever done in mobile games history, saying that its going to dive deep into their lore and better dynamic scenery but in the end its even worst then every hero's journey. For FOUR months you have slow dripping us this boring and stale event which majority of players can't even attempt WITH NO CONTENT FOR FOUR MONTHS. In the end its no surprise for us because you CG has always been very bad at making contents in general as well as needing to milk us in every way possible not to mention THE WORST COMMUNICATION GAME DEV OF ALL TIME. Your quality of making and maintaining this game has never cease to fall short on our low expectations and we have known it for a long time, maybe you haven't but slowly and surely you would when people started to stop and play other better games like Marvel Strike Force and Dragons Champion. Rmb all the shady stuff you pull in this game we tolerate it NOT BECUZ OF U ITS BECAUSE STAR WARS and you will surely be called out and fail miserably if it wasn't
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