HSTR reward limit

What is the exact limit on the number of HSTR per week (per month)?
In some places I saw that they write about 2 times a week, but for example this week I received awards 3 times and there is still no limit.


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    To clarify, you’re talking about guild hopping as a mercenary?
  • Gifafi
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    overall the only limit is how many tickets you can get, not sure if there is a math answer (well, I mean, I don't know it).
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Kyno
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    It is an average of 2 times a week, I believe it is Monday to Sunday. Yes it is possible to get more in 1 week, but that is based on the rewards recieved in the previous week.

    It prevents hopping, but was designed not to punish someone who may have moved to a different guild with a different schedule.
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