Community Update - 3/25/2016

Greetings Heroes,

Here is your community update for 3/25/2016.

What happened this week?

What’s being worked on now?
1. Level 80 cap increase
  • We’re aiming to have this go live next week. It will also include new stages in the Light, Dark, and Cantina tables, as well as new tiers for Gear and Abilities.

2. Game-wide tuning changes
  • Last week we announced that some tuning changes would be coming in the near future along with the level 80 cap increase. We’ve decided that additional testing needs to be done with these changes, so they will not be releasing at the same time as the level cap increase. The tuning changes won’t be far behind though, and are planned to go live about two weeks after the level cap increase.

3. Future release
  • The team is still hard at work on the next major update. Really looking forward to sharing details about this in the future!

Community Spotlight

This week’s tip comes from forum user HumbleSage.

1 Hit Free Pass
Game Mode: All (that allow Yoda)
Tip text: If possible, always save your Battle Meditation until after your opponent has expended their AoE attacks and Yoda has Foresight. This way you can spread Foresight to your entire party and they get a "Free Pass" pass from a single attack.

Farm up those Magmatrooper shards or power-up that Tusken Shaman and share your thoughts on them in the forums. And don’t forget to finish all of the challenges this weekend, with the level cap around the corner you’ll likely need those extra gear pieces and ability mats :)
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