Working towards Malak

I am working on getting my characters gear levels up currently. I was wondering what Zetas and gear levels I should have them at to clear it without spending hours upon hours replaying battles.

I want to go somewhat barebones for gear levels unless necessary, meaning I don’t want to have to Relic anyone.

Here is my stuff:

I took a few breaks and did some fun farms. Try not to judge too hard.


  • So do both Revans need all 3 Zetas for the event? It’s a little late for me, but what is the zeta order for them? Should I Zeta Canderous or Mission? Do I need to Zeta Bastiall since it is for her leadership and I’ll be using Revan?
  • Light side is much harder then Dark side in the Malak event. Mission's zeta is highly recommended and watching a guide or two as well. Using the correct tactics makes a big difference. Because of the high character gp needed to qualify for the event you will find you will generally need either g12 or a zeta to get that high. (17,500)

    No need to zeta any leaderships other then the Revans unless that is your choice to get the gp where it needs to be.
  • I’m going to try and accomplish it with 2 Zetas for each Revan and gear 11. Then if I need to, I can gear them up after. Thanks!
  • avihas
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    I must add that reaching that 17.5k gp gate and passing the event is 2 very different things!.
    Naturally the recomended gp for this event is higher.
    I strongly advice to g12 every character that's you choose/forced to take part in this event.

    Imo the zetas needed for this event are:
    LS- all except those of bastila & T3 (if he's on your squad) (I did it with Vao instead of him)
    DS-all except those of carth Juhanni & Ordo

    Nevertheless, I assume you can do it with less, it'll just be harder
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