Scruffylooking Nerfherderz, 236M GP looking for 2 or more — discord: 7TMMKkZ

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Scruffylooking Nerfherderz is an independent guild with great camaraderie. We are friendly, supportive, focussed on having fun, and looking for daily players. We do not micro-manage, but we expect you to be a good player for yourself and for the guild. We have a great discord for resources. We also have a Facebook group. Neither is required, but reading in-game chat is. 

In February, we replaced 5 of our worst participants with 5 great, new players and the difference was phenomenal. We are in a similar position again.

Not really looking for the number seekers — Wat shard requirements, star requirements because we think those folks jump guilds a lot, seeking ever-better numbers.

We are looking for the folks who want a great guild to stick with and grow with because that's what we have, a great, stable guild, founded on day one of guilds over 4 years ago.

• GP —236M, 50/50 members — Looking for 2 or more.

• Raids — All Raids are heroic tier with a 24-hour join period.
- Pit Raids — These are auto-SIMmed at 6:30 PM UTC. (Guild Activities Reset)
- HAAT & HSTR — These are auto-launched at 7 & 8 PM UTC.
- Please join all Raids.

• TB — Territory Battle participation is a must. At a minimum, one must deploy their full GP daily and coordinate on Platoons.
- DS Geo — 23 ⭐️ ~15 Wat shards
- LS Geo — 11 ⭐️

• TW — If you join a Territory War, you must participate measurably by placing squads on defense according to guild strategy and earning banners.

• Tickets — 600 per day preferred, or at least 450, please.

About you:

• 4m+ GP (and / or highly focussed roster)
• Daily player (450-600 tickets)
• Focussed on advancement
• Farming for LS Geo

Discuss an invite on discord:

or contact Mik Prat Rel#9897 — discord

879-387-224 — in-game

Who are we calling Scruffylooking? You! Come say hello and check us out!
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